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Real-time customer feedback software
to enhance business growth and
online reviews.

Jago is a simple and cost-effective customer feedback software system that gives you insight into how customers see your business. With immediate and ongoing customer feedback, you’ll always know what to do next. Because when you take care of your customers, success takes care of itself.

See how you can receive real-time customer feedback, enhance your brands reputation, improve online review ratings and increase your customer membership program.

You’ll hear it first.

The good, the bad and everything in between. With a customer feedback tool, whatever your customers experience, you’ll be the first to know.


In cyberspace, news travels at the speed of light.

These days your reputation really does precede you. Over 40% of Australians refer to online reviews before choosing a service or product. We’ll give you customer feedback in the moment, so you can solve any problems before a negative review appears online. With Jago and the online review software tool, you can be sure that only the good news travels fast.


Your customers could be salesmen in disguise.

Nothing speaks louder than the opinion of your customers. In fact, 20% of new business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. With Jago, you’ll be able to intersect any negative customer feedback before it is made public, and use the insights to make improvements. Soon, you’ll be in a place where your business can speak for itself – with a little help from admiring customers.


The gifts that keep on giving.

These days consumers are spoilt for choice and customer loyalty is a hard-fought battle. But it’s one you can win with Jago. Our customer feedback software comprises of an online gift catalogue that allows you to spontaneously recognise and reward customers with just a couple of clicks. You’ll soon see that a little thanks goes a long way.


Looking back to get ahead.

Jago’s built-in dashboard and email reports let you track your performance week by week. Keep an eye on customer service or compare your results with benchmarks through our customer feedback software and see how your business is faring over time. Because hindsight, when put to good use, can keep you 20 steps ahead of the rest.


An orchestra of voices where you’re the conductor.

Jago’s customer feedback software provides customised solutions that allows you to monitor performance and manage KPIs, across multiple locations. So you can make sure that each arm of your business is operating with equally exceptional results. Our cost-effective bespoke solutions will soon see all you teams singing in unison.

Get set for success with Jago.

Everything to gain. Nothing to lose.