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Customer Experience is the New Battlefield

It seems just yesterday that the key to business success was winning customers over with the quality of the product or service being delivered. Now, things have changed and in a technology driven society an even more important factor is clear –providing the best customer experience. It’s highly unlikely that customers will want to do business with someone who treats them poorly.

It is now essential to understand your customer’s perception of how your business treats them as customer perceptions shape their behaviours, build feelings and drive loyalty. Basically, if customers like you, they will continue to do business with you and even recommend you to others.

For your customers to like you, you should know them so well that you go the extra mile for them to create personalised experiences that will gain their loyalty. Gaining this knowledge of customers isn’t just something that happens, you need to collect customer data, analyse valuable insights and make strategic business decisions to improve their overall experience.

Soon 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer
experience and those businesses that take their customer experience
seriously and implement a customer experience software to understand
their customers will stand out from their competitors and win
loyal customers over.

We Do Customer Experience Software

Customer experience is today’s most important factor towards achieving success and few companies have set this up properly. Competition is at an all time high so ensuring you are standing out by understanding your customers and satisfying their their needs and wants is imperative.

Jago provides the right technology to give businesses knowledge and understanding like never before. We provide solutions that improve interaction and engagement with customers that generate valuable insights throughout the customer journey.

Implementing the industry leading software system for management and administration of customer experiences ensures you will beat out the competition. With 24/7 customer support and service and available to all industries no matter the size of your business, Jago is the solution for you.

The best business decisions are those made based on the customer. You just have to know them.

Improve customer experience with the Net Promoter Score

When you have a bad experience with a business what is the first thing you do? Like most consumers, you are probably going to tell your friends and family about it. This is a nightmare scenario for businesses if this happens on a frequent basis. The good news is, if you take the time to understand your customers, those negative experiences can be turned into positive ones.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) will help your business understand whether or not your customers are promoting your product, are choosing to come back, or if they are dissatisfied with your product or service.

Raw data collected from the NPS can be combined and calculated to recognise the areas of your business that could be improved. It gives the ability to make decisions based on maintaining a level of success and how to continue to grow.

Our NPS focused dashboards are able to rank and compare how different locations, teams, departments and employees perform. You can also use the advanced reporting options to identify what customers really think and expect from your brand.

Improve customer experience with the Net Promoter Score and book a demo with Jago today.

Deliver a high-quality customer experience

Automatically collect customer feedback at any point of the customer journey through an array of different collection methods using the Net Promoter Score framework and gain actionable insight for your business.

With the right tools, you can create a positive and lucrative customer journey and give each and every customer the best experience so you can beat out your competition.

Get set for success with Jago.

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