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Tracking customer satisfaction is more important than ever

If you do not measure customer satisfaction, you can’t identify unhappy customers. If you don’t know who your unhappy customers are, you don’t know why they are unhappy and therefore your customer churn rate will significantly increase. If you churn customers faster than you are able to gain new ones, it is likely your business will fail.

With Jago, you can understand how satisfied your customers are at the time it is most important – when they are purchasing your product or service. You can alert your company or relevant personnel of customer events and other important information to help acknowledge any customer issues and optimise your customer service to create the best recovery and resolution process.

Without customer feedback, you are isolating yourself from achieving great results. Tracking customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Satisfied customers are more likely to stay with your business, buy more services and products and recommend you to other potential customers. With Jago’s powerful platform to collect, measure, analyse and drive decisions, it is easy to gain insight into your customer’s satisfaction levels and understand ways to improve your customers experience.

Customer satisfaction surveys for all your data needs

Collecting customer feedback and understanding whether or not your customers are satisfied requires running customer satisfaction surveys. They are an easy and cost-effective way to gain information and really find out the information you need. Following through by making needed improvements helps to ensure your business growth and success.

The process is easy with Jago. Our short and engaging feedback surveys are designed to drive high response rates that continually garner quality feedback from customers. This information paired with Net Promoter Score results and thorough analysis gives you the best insight about your customers. All the data gained from collecting this feedback can be used to make informed decisions and ultimately, increase the overall profitability of your business.

Making real-time customer feedback easy to collect and act on

Running customer feedback surveys is a great way to capture the customer in the moment but you can also collect informal customer feedback everyday through multiple feedback collection methods.

From direct email communication to SMS, feedback cards, Wi-Fi intercept, Facebook Messenger chat bots, social media platforms, reviews sites and tablets, Jago makes it easy for your customers to leave feedback. You can then use this information to trigger alerts to staff and put customers into a targeted communication and nurture journey.

This will help you to transform at-risk customers into loyal ones with minimal effort. Seamlessly weave feedback collection into the customer journey so you can get to know them and satisfy all their needs. Book a demo with Jago.

Customer Satisfaction Software

Jago is a simple and easy to use customer satisfaction software that was built to connect customers to businesses, create amazing experiences and help them grow.

Using the most advanced ways of collecting customer feedback and measuring the data gives valuable insights into how customers really feel about your business and services.

Your business growth depends on your customers. It’s time you implemented customer satisfaction measurement strategies and tools to understand, excel and improve.

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