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Why Consistent Online Reviews Are Important

Online reviews matter. They are marketing gold. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. They give you insight into what your customers think about your business, they give greater visibility online and they are greatly influential in converting leads into customers. In today’s competitive landscape, establishing a strong online reputation is essential to business success, attracting new customers and differentiating from competition. Customers are attracted to online reviews as it’s an easily accessible way of gaining credible information that they connect to on a personal level. In many cases, onine reviews are the only source of information a consumer has about a brand. With an increasing number of consumers searching online and finding information on products and services, reviews have become one of the most important factors tohelp generate sales and new business. Businesses should ensure customers are able to leave reviews easily and consistently. Encouraging and asking for online reviews and publishing them online can take your success to the next level and positively impact your bottom line. This is easy with Jago. If you want people to say positive things about your business, then you need to help them to do this.

How to Generate Positive Customer Reviews for Your Business

Help customers find your business faster and beat out your competition through generating positive customer reviews. Lead the conversation and prioritize and improve your presence with Jago’s customer feedback software. It’s the perfect solution to streamline your online reputation and market your business effectively. Generating customer reviews isn’t a big deal, it’s easy! All you have to do is use Jago to gain feedback from customers. When you do this, happy customers are redirected to a review platform of choice so that positive reviews are promoted and always showcased to a wider audience. Mastering online reviews also consists of continuing a conversation with your customers. You have to make sure you respond. Using Jago ensures that you have the ability to respond to them promptly so that they always know they are appreciated and that their feedback matters.

Grow Your Google Reviews

Google Reviews play a huge role in linking customers and businesses. They affect search engine results, what search results customers actually click on and influence a customer’s decision to engage with your business and services. They are a powerful factor to both search engines and customers as they endorse a business and generate trust for consumers. Be seen where it matters most. Grow your Google reviews by inviting customers to provide reviews with Jago. Once received, positive reviews are automatically updated on Google and promoted for other potential customers to see. The more positive reviews you receive from customers satisfied with their experience, the more influence you are going to have online. Jago makes it easy to get more Google reviews, leverage them and use them to create conversions, loyal customers and drive the bottom line.

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