How to lose a customer in 5 ways

Posted by darren
on July 11th, 2016
Weekly Feature.

Customers. Who needs them? You do.

No one goes into business to lose customers and money. However, many businesses are unintentionally treating their customers poorly (and wondering why their sales are dwindling). Don’t send your customers elsewhere by failing to resolve an issue. The trick is to listen to feedback from your customers – so you can actually act on any problems there may be.


Here are the top five ways to lose a customer:

  • Make false claims about your products or services
  • Make it virtually impossible to get in touch with your company
  • Tell your customer that you’re the only option
  • Treat customers like a number
  • Don’t listen to their feedback

And here are the top five ways to keep them coming back:

  • Treat your customers with courtesy and respect
  • Be honest, even if it seems uncomfortable
  • Only make promises that you can keep
  • Take ownership to find solutions
  • Listen


Remember, over 30% of Australians have posted comments or reviews about a product or service they have bought – and that percentage is increasing fast! So make sure you give them a good story to tell.